TV Priest

TV Priest

“Uppers is a great place to start and should rubber stamp TV Priest as one of, if not your favorite new act.” – The Line Of Best Fit

“…quicken the pulse and capture the heart.” – Kerrang!

It’s tempting to think that you have all the answers, screaming your gospel every day with certainty and anger. Life isn’t quite like that though, and the debut album Uppers from London four-piece TV Priest released on the legendary Nirvana label Sub Pop instead embraces the beautiful and terrifying unknowns that exist personally, politically, and culturally.

Four childhood friends who made music together as teenagers before drifting apart and then, somewhat inevitably, back together late in 2019, TV Priest was born out of a need to create together once again and brings with it a wealth of experience and exhaustion picked up in the band’s years of pursuing “real life” and “real jobs,” something those teenagers never had.

Taking musical cues from The Fall and Protomartyr, the band have won fans across the music press and 2021 looks set to be a big year.