Billy Nomates

Billy Nomates

“Few artists are more refreshingly direct” – The Guardian

“what happens when you discard outside perceptions, pause people-pleasing and discover the power of self-expression.” – Loud And Quiet

With an acclaimed self-titled debut album and EP Emergency Telephone under her belt. Billy Nomates will be bringing her fierce, funny, and outspoken force of nature to AYL?

Hailing from Melton Mowbray in rural northeast Leicestershire, but now flits between Bournemouth and Bristol, has arrived to rattle cages. The songs on her debut album, released by Geoff Barrow’s (Portishead/ Beak>) Invada Records, all come from a similar place of defiance. Rebellion against Brexit and your racist uncle. Against soul-sapping, dead-end jobs, and zero-hours contracts. Against gender inequality, harassment, and festivals with obligatory female acts hidden in the small print. Tor’s Billy Nomates inspiration came from a sweat-soaked, in-your-face, brutal honesty of a Sleaford Mods gig in Southampton in early 2019. “I was blown away,” she says. “They didn’t have a band, but they were the best band I’d ever seen”. Sleaford Mods’ set-up showed Billy that she could perform alone, too – just her and a laptop.

Since early performances at 100 Club, via an appearance alongside Idles and BEAK>. The praise and buzz around her songs and live shows continue to grow, with support from 6 Music and beyond, it seems like the majority of people who come across Billy are very much on board.